Herbal Remedies

One of the oldest forms of healing known to man, Chinese Herbal Medicine works with the therapeutic qualities of herbs in a way that interacts with the aspects of our bodies, minds and spirits that need to be healed.

Natural herbs are found in plant roots, stems, bark, flowers, seeds, fruit, leaves and branches.  Stones and minerals are not technically herbs, but they have medicinal properties that are sometimes used in herbal formulas.

There are over 3,000 different herbs, though only about 300 are commonly used in Chinese Medicine.  They can be taken internally in the form of teas, powders, granules, pills, capsules and tinctures.  They can also be externally applied as ointments, liniments poultices and plasters.

In the United States, Oriental Medicine practitioners prescribe herbs that are imported under the strict supervision of US Customs, US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture.  At Lancaster Acupuncture, the highest quality herbs possible are purchased from companies that use extensive Quality measures to maintain safety and purity.

Single herbs are almost never prescribed alone.  Instead, a practitioner will perform an extensive consultation and exam which will lead them to a differential Chinese diagnosis and the appropriate formula. The formula is designed as a combination of herbs to treat the root of the illness as well as multiple symptoms.  The herbs are chosen based on their different energetic natures, tastes, temperature, location of action, and how they support one another within the formula.

The use of herbs by a knowledgeable practitioner is generally safe with few documented side effects.  Some herbs can interact with Western pharmaceuticals, and you should bring a complete list of your medications to your appointment.  You should not discontinue any medications without discussing it with your MD.  Your practitioner should be willing to communicate with your medical team so that your care can be coordinated.

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be an exciting way to heal naturally.  It works well in conjunction with Acupuncture, and can also be used on its own.

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Beverly Fornoff, M.AC., Licensed Acupuncturist