Through my eight-month acupuncture experience with Bev, I learned the importance of being centered, grounded, relaxed, listening to my body, and remembering to breathe. Bev’s presence is immediately comforting, and she has perfected the art of listening. The opportunity to have Bev as an acupuncturist has been a wonderful learning and life experience. As I continue through my Masters in Oriental Medicine, I can only hope that I will be able to deliver the same compassion to my patients as Bev granted me.


I have received many acupuncture treatments from Beverly for over four months now. I am pleased to say each session has been successful in helping me feel better as a whole person and to have a better outlook dealing with chronic pain. Due to her enthusiasm, reassurance, and pleasant nature, I always look forward to the next treatment. I am thankful that a friend referred me to Beverly. She is one who I would recommend to my family and friends in complete confidence.


I just wanted to let you know how much I have come to appreciate my sessions with you. I don’t think I would be able to keep my focus nearly as much with all of my upcoming changes. I’ve noticed a lot of subtle things that denote a positive influence on me physically that I can only attribute to acupuncture. These changes don’t seem to occur during the treatments, but I find that 2-3 days later, my sleep improves, I’m not as stressed at work, and I am less negative about my life. My whole attitude is certainly brighter, which I had not expected.

Kim B.

I have been a client of Beverly Fornoff’s since March of 2007 and when I came to her I was at the top of my pain threshold because of a long history of suffering from Arthritis and Low Back problems… I was in constant pain that on most days I was in tears, irritable, depressed and I saw no end in sight, until I met Beverly. Even though I had spent the last 25 years on various types of medication, I could not find complete relief.